RCG liven sites during Covid-19 lockdown.

The RCG Liven 27 additional sites across rural New Zealand connecting thousands of households and providing new mobile coverage across the State Highway network.

As New Zealand continues to ‘stay home’ in our fight against Covid-19, the importance of the work being undertaken by the RCG to deliver the government’s Rural Broadband Initiative Phase 2 programme cannot be underestimated.

So far in lockdown RCG, who have been granted designated essential service status, have switched on 27 new RBI2 sites to provide rural communities the ability to work and school from home.

With the addition of these 27 sites into the RCG network, over 2000 homes and businesses now have access to high-speed wireless broadband and quality mobile coverage whilst around 95km of State Highways now have improved mobile services.

“At the time of the lockdown we had a large number of sites around New Zealand close to completion which we needed to secure and walk away from. Being granted Essential Service status means our team has focused on getting built sites ‘on air’ providing immediate service to as many rural communities as possible.” says RCG Chief Executive John Proctor. “Our team and build partners have worked in extraordinary circumstances but the importance of new coverage to those in isolated areas cannot be underestimated. We know the new connectivity will make a huge difference to the daily lives of locals and that’s why it’s more important than ever we have been able to complete sites and get them on air.”

The addition of the 27 sites takes RCG’s overall live sites across New Zealand to 90, a figure that all those working on the project are proud of, given the challenges presented by a national state of emergency lockdown.

As well as following already established strict Health & Safety protocols, the RCG and our build partners have successfully implemented controlled and meticulous Covid-19 procedures to access and work on sites, including ensuring Police permits are obtained for the RCG staff movements.

These are unprecedented times. We’re working together with our build partners, power companies and landowners with one goal – to liven sites and keep everyone safe whilst doing so.

“Response to the livening of these sites has been overwhelmingly positive from local community and council stakeholders and I can’t thank everyone enough for their contribution; it’s been a huge team effort and we’re proud to be providing coverage when it is most needed.”