This is for you rural New Zealand

A more connected New Zealand

Everyone in rural New Zealand deserves better broadband and mobile coverage to keep up with the demands placed upon us in the new digital world. Now more than ever we have seen that being able to work and school from home is essential.

Agriculture, horticulture, apiculture and viticulture are just some enterprises that are becoming heavily reliant on connectivity to ensure efficiencies within their industry enabling them to continue to run businesses day in day out across rural New Zealand and provide some of the best products worldwide.

The infrastructure we build will ensure more connected and safer communities, allow wider access to emergency services, it will prepare New Zealand for the returning visitor sector, it will help businesses attract and retain employees, maintain social connections and increase access to high quality health and social services, it will help bridge the rural v urban digital divide giving us all the ability to work and school from home – and it will help people stay connected with each other when and where they want and need to.

The RCG network is for you rural New Zealand and we’re proud to be delivering it.