Why is RCG unique?

Government and industry collaboration to provide the best outcome for rural Kiwis.

The Rural Connectivity Group is a funded entity created to build the 4G broadband and mobile cell sites required under the Rural Broadband Initiative 2 (RBI2) and the Mobile Black Spots (MBS) programmes.

We are working with Crown Infrastructure Partners to enable as many Kiwis, businesses, and tourists, to have access to critical mobile and wireless broadband services in rural New Zealand.

The cell sites we build will be shared by New Zealand’s mobile network operators – Vodafone, Spark, 2degrees – to provide mobile services from all three mobile companies and ensure competitive broadband services to rural customers. The towers will also be open access for wireless internet service providers to utilise.

The infrastructure will allow all operators to share the radio access network equipment and one set of antennas, meaning the size of the infrastructure can be flexible to suit the geographic location.