Supplier Information

To our valued RCG Suppliers,
You will no doubt have seen the news about the rapidly evolving situation concerning COVID-19 or Coronavirus. The government announced that from 1am on the 16th March 2020 every person arriving into New Zealand (except for those coming from the Pacific Islands) must self-isolate for 14 days.
We are continuing to monitor the developing situation very closely and we want to share with you an update about:
1.    What we are doing to protect our people, suppliers and customers; and
2.    Where we need your help, so that together we can make sure we keep everyone well.
The health, safety and wellbeing of our people, suppliers and customers is our primary focus and as such, we’re doing everything we can to ensure we are operating in a safe and unified way. As such the below information and advice is consistent with that of our partner organisations.
The RCG and our people thank you for working with us to ensure everyone remains safe.
Please take the time to review the information and confirm in writing to Health and Safety Manager, Rural Connectivity Group that you agree to abide by the requests made of you and your staff by the RCG.
What is RCG doing?
  • First and foremost, we have advised our people to stay home if they are feeling unwell and to seek medical advice via Healthline or their GP. We are also asking them to start taking their laptops home and prepare to work remotely should the need arise.
  • All business-related international travel has ceased.
  • Any business-related domestic travel in New Zealand is to be restricted and only used after all other methods of meeting including audio or video have been explored or exhausted.
  • Prior to the Government’s border control changes, which require all people entering New Zealand to self-isolate for 14 days, RCG is requiring this of any employee returning from a high-risk country, as defined by the Ministry of Health.
As of 16 March 2020, these countries are:
  • Mainland China
  • Iran
  • Italy (airport transit only may not require self-isolation – we’ll assess this on a case by case)
  • Republic of Korea (airport transit only may not require self-isolation – we’ll assess this on a case by case)
  • RCG Staff have been asked to avoid attending large public gatherings where they can run the risk of becoming exposed to the Coronavirus but have not imposed any restrictions on numbers gathering in the office as part of our normal business day.
  • We are using our technology to meet with external stakeholders, rather than holding meetings in our offices. We ask that you do the same.  
  • Keeping social distance is known to be an effective precaution to slow down the spread of COVID-19, so in addition to our protocols around meetings and gatherings (noted above) we have asked our people to change how they greet each other. If meeting in person is essential, we’re asking that greetings do not involve skin to skin contact, using an elbow bump instead of a hongi or handshake.
  • We have a robust communications plan in place to keep our people, suppliers and customers regularly updated about any changes to travel, meetings, events and working restrictions, as well as reminding them of best practices around hygiene and self-care.
  • We have increased cleaning in high use areas and are distributing cleaning and sanitising products across our sites.
We have updated our business continuity plans to ensure we continue to support our suppliers, customers and New Zealand.
What we ask of you
Firstly, we thank you for your support to follow the principals and measures outlined in this notice.
Secondly, we anticipate that you too will have similar company protocols and business continuity plans in place. We ask that you share these with RCG and we will endeavour to support those plans whilst aligning to our own protocols.
Send your organisational plans and updates to and
Social distance
·       We understand that it’s important to keep the momentum across our organisations so that we can continue to deliver our ambitious programme of work. However, rather than doing this in person, we ask that any non-essential face to face meetings stop and that we leverage technology to ensure we remain engaged and continue to work effectively together.
·       Engaging in person must only occur if there is an essential need and we ask that this is limited to a handful of people at the most. If you need help to determine if an in-person meeting is required, please feel free to ask any questions using this email address and cc
·       We ask that at this time you cancel or postpone any events that require RCG people and workers to attend.
Accessing the RCG office
·       We actively encourage you to check your staff, contractors and subcontractors’ travel activities and wellness. We ask that you restrict your staff from visiting our building unless deemed business critical. If deemed business critical we ask that any member of your organisation conducting such services does not enter our premises if they have travelled to the countries listed on the Ministry of Health website or are feeling unwell. This is non-negotiable and should one of your staff, contractors or subcontractors’ not adhere to our this request we will consider this a breach of these protocols and would respectfully ask that those staff members return to your organisational offices and do not enter the RCG offices.
  • If you need to access our building, we ask that you continue to sign in at the main entrance I-Pad where you will be asked to make a declaration around your travel history, current wellness and follow any visitor registration protocols. If you have returned from a high-risk country, as defined by the Ministry of Health you will be denied access to the RCG office.
As of 16 March 2020, a high-risk country is as stated below:
  • Mainland China
  • Iran
  • Italy (airport transit only may not require self-isolation – we’ll assess this on a case by case)
  • Republic of Korea (airport transit only may not require self-isolation – we’ll assess this on a case by case)
This applies to all visitors regardless of whether they have RCG contractor access card, including all build partner contractors.
  • If access to our buildings is deemed business critical and agreed to by RCG, we ask that you restrict your movement to specified work areas and meeting rooms.
As this situation evolves, we have not eliminated the possibility of non RCG staff may be required to return to and work from their organisational office not the RCG office.
What we ask of you if there is a suspected case, and our commitment to you
If any of your staff members working directly or indirectly with RCG has:
  • been exposed or potentially exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or
  • is going through the testing process for COVID-19 or
  • has already tested positive for COVID-19
We ask that you contact the RCG Health & Safety Manager on . It is very important that RCG is kept informed so that we can support you, your business and the people your company works with along as well as our own people. Similarly, RCG will keep your organisation updated if we have any confirmed or potential cases of COVID-19, so that you can minimise concerns about risks to your people in our office.
Contractual obligations and works in RCG office building
If you have obligations as part of your contract with RCG to perform services or provide goods, we ask that you take sensible precautions in our building and limit access if non-essential.
If you are unsure how to fulfil your obligations under your contract in order to align to our protocols, we ask that you contact us directly detailing your concern so that the Management team can work with you to find a way that ensures we are protecting our people as well as your people and addressing any concerns or impact this may have on the business we have with each other.
Supply chain impacts
We are becoming increasingly aware that travel restrictions and factory closures are impacting international supply chains. RCG has already reached out to suppliers to understand potential impacts on delivery of products to New Zealand.
What can you do to help?
  • We request that you keep us promptly informed of any impacts to your supply chain or services that could also impact RCG’s operations or provision of goods and services to our customers by responding to this email address
  • We also ask that you advise RCG of any mitigations and remedies along with the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that your organisation is implementing to avoid or minimise disruption to your customers including RCG and our joint customers by responding to this email