In August 2017 the Rural Connectivity Group was appointed by the government to be the infrastructure provider to bring 4G mobile and wireless broadband coverage to rural New Zealand under the Rural Broadband Initiative Phase 2 and the Mobile Black Spot fund. The Rural Connectivity Group is an independent entity established to build the infrastructure shared by New Zealand’s three mobile network operators and to operate and maintain the new open access network. In partnership with Crown Infrastructure Partners we will deliver new mobile and wireless broadband coverage to approximately 36,000 rural homes and businesses, provide new mobile coverage across parts of 32 rural state highways, and provide connectivity to at least 100 top New Zealand tourist destinations by December 2022.This critical infrastructure project is funded by the government’s Telecommunications Development Levy, and an additional $75M provided by the three mobile network operators. Crown Infrastructure Partners will manage the distribution of funds to the Rural Connectivity Group. This unique funding model is the only way these modern services can be delivered further into rural New Zealand.

Government and industry collaboration will see New Zealand as the first country in the world where all three mobile network operators will share radio access network equipment and one set of antennae on each facility built by the Rural Connectivity Group. The retail services provided by the equipment will be the responsibility of the three mobile network operators. The Rural Connectivity Group is proud to be partnering with Crown Infrastructure Partners and our shared goal is to maximise the use of the available funding, in order to deliver the best possible outcome for rural New Zealand. For further information about the Rural Broadband Initiative 2 and the Mobile Black Spot Initiative please visit Crown Infrastructure Partners website at


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Haast gains mobile services as Rural Connectivity Group switched on new tower
 7 May 2018 Today marks a significant date for residents of Haast as a long-awaited new 3G mobile tower is switched on and operational – finally connecting Haast to the rest of the country’s mobile network.
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RCG Using Innovative Drone Solution
3 May 2018 The Rural Connectivity Group (RCG) has been thinking outside the box and utilising an innovative drone solution when scoping out rural areas to build new cell towers.
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The Rural Connectivity Group – sharing infrastructure animation

The Rural Connectivity Group – sharing infrastructure animation

The Rural Connectivity Group – RBI2 and Mobile Black Spot programme

We’re always looking for a new way to empower our customers through the power of our network. Now, in collaboration with Police Search and Rescue (SAR), we’ve found a way to potentially help save lives in the future.