Working with you to go further?

The opportunity for your community to contribute.

The RBI2 and MBS programmes are New Zealand’s biggest opportunity to provide critical services into rural areas that have long been without.

Telecommunications infrastructure projects are challenging, particularly in rugged rural areas and with a low population, that is spread far and wide. This is not a project any single business or government department could achieve on its own, which is why the three mobile network operators have aligned together with government to deliver this fantastic outcome for rural Kiwis.

Our shared goal is to maximise the RBI2 and MBS funding to deliver the best possible outcomes for rural New Zealand. We have been innovative by utilising world leading design and technology to dramatically reduce build costs.

However, a key factor to the success of this project will be the support and help of land owners, rural communities and their local Councils. Working together we can ensure that the funding can be used for building additional cell sites and gaining greater coverage, rather than being spent on land access, leases, upgrading power networks, resource consenting and other sunken, non-productive costs.